Meal Planning & Prep Master Class

Meal Planning & Prep Master Class

Empowered, Prepared & Organised

Save money, time and effort in the kitchen

You won’t regret it!

Getting started with meal planning and prepping may seem intimidating, but with expert guidance you'll be an organised super mama in the kitchen quicker than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to put healthy and delicious food on the table every single day with ease. Pretty soon, dinner time will be your favourite time of the day!

No more food stress!

Just delicious & healthy food the whole family will love!

Get rid of the overwhelm and the late afternoon panic when the realisation that dinner time is just around the corner... AGAIN! 

Have the confidence that you know exactly what you are cooking, that you have prepped in advance and that your ONE weekly shop means your kitchen is stocked with EVERYTHING you need!

Get back your time, get back your energy and get EMPOWERED in the kitchen today!

What's Inside...

Welcome to the course!


  • How to use this course
  • Welcome to the Meal Plan & Prep Master Class!
  • Before we begin...

Let's get started!

  • Getting Started - What You Will Need
  • Saving Time With Meal Planning
  • Saving Money with Meal Planning
  • Food Staples - Have on Hand
  • Produce Storage Guide
  • Meal Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Additional Resources

  • Meal Planner Printable
  • Healthy Recipe Guide (for your provided meal plan)
  • Shopping list (for your provided meal plan)
  • Provided Meal Plan
  • Shopping List Template

What You'll Learn

What You'll Need to Effectively Meal Prep

Saving Time with Meal Planning

Saving Money with Meal Planning

Pantry Staples Every Meal Prepper Should Have

Produce Storage Guide (how to plan what to eat and when)

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Bonus Material

Meal Plan

Including Recipes & Shopping List

Your first weeks meal plan DONE FOR YOU! Including recipes and shopping list!


Meal Planner

Stay organised each week with this handy tool

Shopping List


Amazing Value!
Save time each week with this blank shopping list template that saves you TIME in the supermarket!


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About Your Instructor

Rhiannon Teague

Rhiannon Teague

Health Coach

Hi There, I am Rhiannon - the owner of I am a mum of two gorgeous kiddies and a lover of natural health solutions and healthy living. In a previous life (well really about 15 years ago) I was a beauty therapist and even owned my own salon. This inspired my love of nourishing the skin with natural products and helping people to look their best and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. I then went on an entirely different journey into the world of finance. The stress of this job (and the unhealthy choices I made as a result of that stress) left me feeling run down, depleted, overweight and generally unwell. This was further exacerbated after the birth of my first child in 2009 when my pregnancy triggered an autoimmune disease that saw my health decline drastically. Since then I have been on a journey to take control of my health and feel amazing and energised again. This journey has seen me complete a personal trainer qualification and become a qualified health coach. I now help busy women (just like me) to detoxify their bodies, to feel more energised, learn how to eat healthy food and live healthier and happier lives. Come join me and let's get you looking and feeling AH-MAZING again!